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Knife attacks on German trains are increasing

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More than twice as many as in 2021

Knife attacks on German trains are increasing

On Wednesday there was a fatal knife attack on a train in Germany. One of many, as a report shows.

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The security guards at the German train stations are required. Violence is on the rise.

In trains and at train stations in Germany there are more and more knife attacks. According to a report, the number of violent acts has more than doubled in the past year compared to 2021. The federal police have registered 336 such acts, reported the “Bild am Sonntag” and referred to a police evaluation. A total of 398,848 crimes were recorded, twelve percent more than in the previous year.

Among them were 14,155 physical injuries, it said. On the trains themselves, 82 knife attacks were counted, 97 attacks with other dangerous tools and five attacks with guns. The number of sexual offenses has increased from 697 to 857. The proportion of non-German suspects in the case of serious bodily harm, robbery, murder and manslaughter was 55.5 percent, the newspaper continues.

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