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“Long-distance Luisa” preaches climate protection and jetted around

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Sticky teenagers traveling to Bali is not an isolated case

“Long-distance Luisa” preaches climate protection – and jetted around the world

Demonstrating for the climate and at the same time flying on vacation: This double standard occurs again and again among climate activists – even among the prominent figureheads.

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The climate activists Yannick S. (24) and Luisa S. (22) flew to Bali on vacation.


Sven ZieglerEditor News

The two climate adhesives Yannick S. (24) and Luisa S. (22) missed a court date in November last year. Instead of taking responsibility for a blockade and sticking action, they traveled to Bali on vacation. Eight tons of CO₂ and 140,000 liters of kerosene ended up in the air. A spokesman for the “Last Generation” action alliance defended the action. The couple booked the flight “as private individuals, not as climate protectors”.

It is not the first time that climate activists have attracted attention with their double standards. Prominent climate activists and politicians close to them are always on the go in airplanes for holidays or other appointments. Figurehead Luisa Neubauer (26), for example, has traveled to America, Asia and Africa in the past, diligently posting photos on Instagram.

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