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Man wants to drag bikini barista through drive-thru window

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Crazy kidnapping attempt in the USA

Man wants to drag bikini barista through drive-thru window

When the barista wants to give the customer his change, he suddenly grabs her arm and apparently tries to kidnap her. A surveillance video from the drive-in café shows the frightening scene.

Published: 43 minutes ago


Shock moment in the USA: Here a man tries to pull the barista out of the window.

The American drive-in café “Beankini Espresso” in Auburn, Washington, offers what the name promises: coffee beans and bikinis. The coffee is prepared for customers there exclusively by female baristas who are only dressed in bikinis. Now one of the employees was almost kidnapped.

A surveillance video of the café released by the police shows the frightening scene: around 5 a.m. early Monday morning, a pickup truck pulled up in front of the drive-in café’s window. A beefy man with a three-day beard orders a drink from the barista. When she wants to hand him the change through the window, the man suddenly grabs her and apparently wants to pull her through the window into his car. In the other hand he already has a cable tie with a ready-made loop.

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