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Military expert rails against Europe’s politicians

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Military expert rails against Europe’s politicians

“We are dealing with pants shit”

The military expert Gustav Gressel doesn’t give a good hair to the politicians in Europe. For him, politics regarding Ukraine has failed. Instead of taking matters into their own hands, the USA must play big brother.


Military expert Gustav Gressel rails against Europe’s policy on Ukraine.

Amounts in the billions, packages of sanctions, telephone calls – since Vladimir Putin (70) invaded Ukraine, Europe has stood by Ukraine. But is Europe really doing everything it can to stop the aggressor against Russia? Not at all, thinks the military expert Gustav Gressel (43), who deals in particular with strategic military issues in Eastern Europe and Russia.

In his verdict, he literally tears the EU politicians and the Federal Chancellery up in the air, as the “Stern” reports. Their attitude is hesitant – and they would not take matters into their own hands. Instead, the US would have to take over. “The American has to go and escort them, like little children do.”

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