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Miracle cure saves Briton’s life after cancer diagnosis

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Doctors gave him only one year

Miracle cure saves Briton’s life after cancer diagnosis

Doctors told Robert Glynn, who was suffering from cancer, that he would die in twelve months. Over a year later, the Brit is doing better than ever. He is healthy. How is that possible?


Robert Glynn was diagnosed with bile duct cancer in June 2020. Offshoots had already affected other organs. Usually a death sentence.


Nicola AbtRingier journalism student

One day before his 49th birthday, Robert Glynn (51) received the shock diagnosis. bile duct cancer. Severe shoulder pain and sleep problems forced him to see a doctor. When examined in June 2020, it was found that the cancer had already spread to the adrenal gland and liver. The tumors were too big for surgery.

“I asked my doctor to be honest and tell me how long I have to live,” he told the Guardian. Your answer? “Twelve months.” According to US studies, only two percent of people survive bile duct cancer if it has already spread to other organs.

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