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Moscow is preparing a possible attack from Belarus

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Lukashenko denies it, but…

Moscow is preparing a possible attack on Ukraine from Belarus

Belarus is still not officially involved in the war in Ukraine. But there are increasing signs that the country, which is a friend of Russia, will soon intervene.


Is Belarus intervening in the Russian war against Ukraine?

According to the US Institute for War Studies (ISW) in Belarus, Russia is continuing to create the conditions for a possible attack on northern Ukraine. The Ukrainian military also announced on Saturday that Russia had moved battalions there. The ISW experts said that such an attack is still unlikely. But he is possible. And the danger must be taken seriously. The establishment of a field hospital was seen as an indication that Russia could attack from there.

“Field hospitals are not necessary for exercises and can be an indication of the preparation for combat operations,” said the ISW. At the beginning of the year, the establishment of these military hospitals in Belarus was also an indication of this – immediately before the start of the great Russian invasion. In Belarus, the ruler Alexander Lukashenko (68), who is politically and financially dependent on Moscow, made his military bases available for the attacks on Ukraine. Ukraine sees Belarus as a war party.

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