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Perpetrators charged after planned Lauterbach kidnapping

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Wanted to start civil war

Perpetrators charged after planned Lauterbach kidnapping

A suspected terrorist group wanted to set up a regime in Germany based on the model of the “German Empire”. The perpetrators wanted to kidnap Health Minister Karl Lauterbach.

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The alleged terrorist group wanted to overthrow the system of government in Germany.

Federal prosecutors have filed charges against a suspected terrorist group that is said to have plotted to overthrow the German government and kidnap Health Minister Karl Lauterbach. The four men and one woman are accused of preparing a highly treasonable act against the state.

This was announced by the Karlsruhe authority on Monday. The federal prosecutor’s office always steps in when terrorism or espionage is involved. The accused have been in custody since the access last year. The trial is to take place in Koblenz, a date did not emerge from the announcement by the federal prosecutor.

The investigators assume that the group came together by January 2022 at the latest – with the aim of “using violence and at least accepting casualties in Germany to trigger civil war-like conditions and thus bring about the overthrow of the federal government and parliamentary democracy”.

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