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Peru’s parliament votes to impeach President Castillo

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Castillo wanted to dissolve Congress

Peru’s parliament votes to impeach President Castillo

In Peru, the power struggle between the parliament and President Pedro Castillo has escalated. Congress impeached Castillo on Wednesday after he announced the dissolution of Parliament.


Peru’s President Pedro Castillo announced in a speech that he would dissolve parliament.

Pedro Castillo wanted to dissolve parliament and set up an emergency government. Peru’s president said so in a speech on Wednesday. He also announced a new election for Congress. The parliamentarians are then supposed to draft a new constitution within nine months.

But Congress would not allow it. The parliamentarians, for their part, voted to remove the head of state. 101 members of Congress voted in favor of the motion of no confidence, 6 against and 10 abstained. In this case, the constitution provides for Vice President Dina Boluarte to take over the duties. Since taking office a year and a half ago, Castillo has survived two impeachment trials. Several investigations are underway against him, including for influencing promotions in the military and the police and for obstructing the judiciary.

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