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Poland warns, Kadyrov speaks of Third World War

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Speculations on victory or defeat of Ukraine

Poland warns, Kadyrov speaks of Third World War

There are no signs of a decision in Ukraine any time soon. Poland is now warning of World War III if Kyiv does not receive enough weapons. The Chechen warmonger Kadyrov sees World War III already coming – for the West.

Published: 01/17/2023 at 40 minutes ago


War in Ukraine – and no end in sight: rescue workers clear the rubble after a Russian rocket hit in Dnipro. Dozens of people died.


Daniel KestenholzEditor night duty

The defeat of Ukraine could lead to World War III, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki (54) warned on Monday. Germany and other NATO countries must get involved and send more weapons to Kyiv, Morawiecki demanded during a visit to Berlin.

At the same time, the Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov (45) commented on a Third World War. Putin’s man for the rough believes that the conflict in Ukraine can already be considered World War III. If you look at the states participating in the conflict, i.e. the Europeans, the NATO bloc and the USA, “if we call these states the world community, then we can say that this is World War III,” Kadyrov said in a live broadcast on his Instagram channel.

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