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Politician outraged Ukrainians with Thailand holidays

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Scandal in Zelensky’s party

Politician outraged Ukrainians with Thailand holidays

Holidays abroad during the war: Selenski banned politicians and civil servants from this earlier in the week. A few days later, the first scandal: a parliamentarian from the president’s party enjoys the sun in Thailand.

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Mikola Tischschenko (50) shows up in swimming trunks in Thailand. The photo is from 2019 – the politician has not published any pictures from his current stay in Asia.


Marco Lussisheet maker

Earlier this week, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, 45, declared war on corruption in an angry speech. He announced numerous layoffs. The new measures include a ban on politicians and civil servants traveling abroad – unless it is necessary for work.

Because while the population has to endure Putin’s rocket terror and sometimes has to get by without electricity and heating, several state representatives had taken a break abroad and sometimes even posted happy holiday photos.

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