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President was invited to a luxury hotel with her partner

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Next scandal in the EU Parliament

Roberta Metsola was invited to a luxury hotel

After the Eva Kaili scandal, Parliament Speaker Roberta Metsola is now also suspected of accepting inappropriate gifts.

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EU Parliament President Roberta Metsola is said to have been invited to a 5-star hotel in France with her husband.

EU Parliament President Roberta Metsola (44) has to put up with questions about a stay with her partner in a French luxury hotel. As the news portal “Politico” revealed on Friday, the costs for the overnight stay were taken over by a French wine brotherhood last October. Metsola’s spokesman confirmed the information to the German Press Agency.

Metsola made the trip public last week after parliament was rocked by a corruption scandal. However, she did not state that her partner accompanied her on the trip. According to parliamentary rules, she should have reported the trip at the end of November last year.

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