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Prosecutors are investigating Thurgau fish farming

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After the death of a customer

Prosecutors are investigating Thurgau fish farming

Because the fish at the Kundelfingerhof in Schlatt TG were contaminated with listeria, a recall had to be started. This came too late for a person: he died as a result. Now the Thurgau public prosecutor’s office is investigating the fish farm.

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Fish production at the Kundelfingerhof in Schlatt TG is running again.

A smoked fish brought death. The reason: listeria. These bacteria are easily transmitted to humans when consumed and can trigger severe symptoms, especially in immunocompromised people – in some cases, those who are ill can even die from it.

In July 2022, the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (BLV) warned against consuming smoked fish products from the Kundelfingerhof fish farm in Schlatt TG. The Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) has now announced that 20 people fell ill and had to be treated in hospital because of Listeria in smoked trout, salmon trout and smoked salmon. One of them even died.

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