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Protests are urging the Iranian regime to make changes

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First vice police, now hijab law?

Protests are urging the Iranian regime to make changes

The protests in Iran are apparently moving the high ranks of the repressive regime. While the propaganda tries to maintain the controlling facade, the reports of the past few days show otherwise. Now the hijab law is also to be reviewed.


The death of Mahsa Amini in September 2022 sparked a wave of mass protests against the repressive government in Iran.

For weeks, people in Iran have been demonstrating against the repressive regime. The nationwide protests were triggered after Mahsa Amini († 22) died in police custody in September 2022. The young woman had been arrested by the vice squad for allegedly violating the strict hijab law. A few strands of hair are said to have peeked out from under her headscarf.

This law is now to be reviewed, as Attorney General Mohammed Jafar Montaseri announced according to a CNN report. “As someone who deals with this issue, I can say that both parliament and the judiciary are working on it,” he is quoted as saying by the state news agency Isna. So far, however, there are no indications as to whether and what changes to the law could be imminent.

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