Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Putin invites Xi Jinping to a state visit

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Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, speaks with Xi Jinping, President of China during a video conference. Putin invited Chinese head of state and party leader Xi to a state visit to Moscow in the spring. Photo: Mikhail Klimentyev/Pool Sputnik Kremlin/AP/dpa

“The intensive bilateral exchange will continue next year, I have no doubts about that. And we will find a way to meet in person,” Putin said on Friday in a video link with Xi Jinping published on the Kremlin’s website. Putin was in Beijing for the Winter Olympics earlier this year, and the two last met at a summit in Uzbekistan in the fall.

The relationship between the two countries is considered good. China, unlike Western countries, has not condemned Russia’s attack on Ukraine. According to the Kremlin, Xi Jinping has declared Beijing’s willingness to remain a partner with Moscow in the current political situation. Putin, on the other hand, called the relations between the two states exemplary for the cooperation of great powers in the 21st century. The 70-year-old declared strengthening the common military and armaments policy to be one of the most important areas of responsibility.

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