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Putin is playing for time – and will fail as a result

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Military expert is sure

Putin is playing for time – and will fail as a result

Vladimir Putin is trying to play for time in Ukraine. The Kremlin chief hopes that support from the West will eventually wane. Military expert Mick Ryan believes that won’t happen.

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Australian military expert Mick Ryan has ventured an outlook on Russia’s military strategy for 2023.

Since the start of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, Moscow has repeatedly had to change its military strategy. The past few months have been characterized by a Ukrainian counter-offensive in late summer and grueling trench warfare in winter. There are now many indications that the situation in Ukraine is gaining momentum again.

Australian military expert Mick Ryan dissects Russia’s strategy for the first few weeks of the new year in an analysis of the situation in the Russian-invaded country. The ex-general has recognized that Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin (70) now wants to prolong the war at any price.

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