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Putin lures Kyrgyz and Uzbeks with Russian passports

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They should go to war for him – and serve as cannon fodder

Putin lures Kyrgyz and Uzbeks with Russian passports

The embassies of the Central Asian countries neighboring Russia are concerned. Uzbek, Tajik and Kyrgyz migrant workers could be pressured into joining the Russian military.


Putin announced on September 21 that he was sending 300,000 reservists to the Ukrainian front.

According to the Russian government, more than 4.5 million Uzbeks and almost a million Kyrgyz work in Russia. Some commute, others have a residence permit. The embassies of neighboring Central Asian countries are concerned that migrant workers are being pressured to join the Russian army.

Vladimir Putin (69) announced on September 21 that he would send 300,000 reservists to Ukraine. Shortly thereafter, the Uzbek Prosecutor General’s Office warned its citizens not to sign any contracts with the Russian military. Anyone who goes to war for another country is considered a mercenary and faces up to ten years in prison. In Kyrgyzstan, mercenaries face five to ten years in prison. Kazakh citizens fighting abroad face up to nine years in prison. On September 20, however, the Russian Duma passed another law: Anyone who has served in the Russian military for a year can obtain Russian citizenship more easily.

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