Thursday, December 1, 2022

Putin lures young men to the front with mega pay

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Not everything is going according to plan on the war fronts of war president Vladimir Putin (69). It is true that his troops are gaining ground in eastern Ukraine. Reports of huge troop losses and poor motivation of the Russian troops are piling up. Now warmonger Putin is increasing the incentives for young soldiers to throw themselves into the turmoil of war as cannon fodder. You can expect more pay. Much more.

The Russian war coffers are ringing with the high oil prices. That gives Moscow more weapons – and more soldiers. Escape from the economic crisis beckons young men – for a lot of money. A flyer appealing to volunteers shows that volunteer fighters should be paid 220,000 rubles a month. Plus a one-time payment of 250,000 rubles. Plus 8000 rubles for each day of service.

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