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Putin surrounds himself with extras instead of soldiers

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Party-loyal apparatchiks at propaganda New Year’s speech

Putin surrounds himself with extras instead of soldiers for the New Year’s speech

For the first time, Putin did not hold his New Year’s speech in the Kremlin, but in front of soldiers. It’s just stupid that the heroes Putin surrounds himself with seem to be pro-party extras and apparatchiks instead of soldiers – who are often seen next to Putin.


A picture that looks like a hero painting.


Daniel KestenholzEditor night duty

Russia’s war president Vladimir Putin (70) broke with a longstanding tradition and held his New Year’s speech from a military headquarters. Otherwise, Putin always shows up in the Kremlin courtyard at the end of the year. At this year’s speech, Putin has soldiers posing in the background, staring gravely and heroically at the camera.

According to Kremlin propaganda, they are all deserving soldiers. Putin still awarded medals. On extras, it seems. Because the whole show has a catch. Various soldiers appear to be actors, apparatchiks and functionaries. The same faces have been seen at various Putin events.

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