Friday, December 9, 2022

Putin wants to destabilize Europe with refugee flows

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The long-standing German ambassador to Russia, Rüdiger von Fritsch (68), accuses Moscow of using the global supply crisis caused by the Ukraine war and the resulting threat of refugee movements as a means of warfare. “Vladimir Putin is specifically trying to create hunger crises in the Middle East and North Africa,” says von Fritsch in the Sunday edition of the Berlin “Tagesspiegel” about the 69-year-old Russian head of state. That is why Russia is preventing Ukraine from exporting grain and even bombing grain silos.

“Putin’s calculus is that after the collapse of grain supplies, the starving people will flee from these regions and try to get to Europe – like the millions of Syrians who fled the horrors of war did then,” says von Fritsch, who put Putin in met in person several times in the past. “With new streams of refugees, he wants to destabilize Europe and build up political pressure so that Western countries give up their tough stance against Russia.”

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