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Putin wants to turn the tide with a five-point plan

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Change of strategy in the Kremlin

Putin wants to turn the tide with a five-point plan

According to war researchers, the Kremlin will be preparing for an end to the Ukraine war in the next six months. Various measures such as more propaganda and improved military structures are on the agenda.

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Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin.

It was supposed to be a blitzkrieg. But the Ukraine war has been raging for almost a year now. Despite repeated, huge waves of Russian attacks, the Ukrainians put up tenacious resistance and regularly inflicted defeats on the soldiers of Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin (70).

Now the Institute of Study of War (ISW) reports that the Russians are preparing for “a decisive strategic action” in the next six months. Specifically, there should be a five-point plan that should bring Moscow the hoped-for turnaround. Some of the points have already been completed or are in progress.

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