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Russian couple brutally arrested for anti-war remarks

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Pushed to the ground for an hour

Russian couple brutally arrested for anti-war remarks

A private conversation between a Russian couple in a restaurant in Krasnodar, Russia, had drastic consequences. Because both are against the war, a guest called the police. The couple was brutally arrested.

Published: 4 minutes ago


This photo was taken during the couple’s arrest in Krasnodar.

A brutal arrest was made in the Russian city of Krasnodar over the weekend. According to the report of various independent Russian media portals, Olesya and Alexei Ovchinnnikov were arrested by the police and taken to prison for an anti-war conversation.

According to the reports, the couple had a conversation in a restaurant in the city. It should also have been about the war in Ukraine. The couple clearly opposed the war, reports the Moscow Times, among others. Another visitor to the restaurant then called the police.

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