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Russian rich kids enjoy luxury vacations

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While their parents are sanctioned

Russian rich kids enjoy luxury vacations

Dubai, Bali or the Maldives – what would you like? The children of high-ranking Russians who are targeted by different countries are having fun all over the world.


Veronica Narischkin enjoyed Old Year’s week in Bali.

While the powerful Russian father is fighting against Ukraine, his children are having fun during the holidays. Normality in some wealthy families. Although the father appears on several sanctions lists, the offspring of officials, prosecutors or parliamentarians travel abroad and continue to visit NATO and EU countries, as “The Insider” reports. Popular travel destinations also include Dubai, Bali, the Maldives and the Seychelles.

“It is obvious to us that the NATO bloc is waging a war against both Russia and our ally, the Republic of Belarus,” said Sergei Narishkin (68), director of Russia’s foreign intelligence service, last summer. At the same time, his daughter Veronica took a break in Turkey, a NATO country. This is proven by photos on the Instagram account of her friend Viktoria Kosolapova – Veronica’s profile is private.

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