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«Russian troops are weakened rather than strengthened»

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German reserve president on Putin’s partial mobilization

«Russian troops are weakened rather than strengthened»

Is Putin maneuvering himself into the off with the partial mobilization of reservists? This is the view of the president of the German Reservists Association: Putin’s order weakens the army rather than strengthens it.


Patrick Sensburg, President of the German Reservists Association, describes Putin’s decision as inhuman.

Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin (69) forces 300,000 reservists to the front. How will this decision affect the further course of the war? Not in favor of the Russian armed forces, says Patrick Sensburg (51). He is the President of the German Reservist Association, which has around 115,000 members.

Sensburg considers the partial mobilization of 300,000 reservists to be inhuman. From a strategic point of view, however, the order was not a clever move either. “Partial mobilization will not bring Putin enough soldiers for his war,” he told the editorial network Germany (RND). “Many contracts for Russian soldiers will expire in the next few weeks, and the large number of dead must also be replaced.”

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