Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Russians are mad at Putin for fake deaths

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Because of 600 dead Ukrainians

Russians are mad at Putin for fake deaths

According to the Kremlin, Putin’s troops launched a retaliatory strike on Sunday, killing 600 Ukrainians. As it turned out, it was fake news. The Russians are angry now.


A Russian missile is said to have killed 600 Ukrainians here. According to Russian information, rockets are said to have hit this building, among other things.

The Russian military bloggers are boiling with rage – again. The reason for their resentment against the Kremlin is its claim to have killed hundreds of soldiers in a retaliatory attack against Ukraine.

As the Russian Ministry of Defense announced on Sunday, the Russian army had carried out attacks on two barracks in Kramatorsk in Donetsk in eastern Ukraine in “retaliation” for the death of 89 soldiers on New Year’s Eve. “More than 600 Ukrainian soldiers” were killed.

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