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Russians send the wounded straight back to the front

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Merciless measure in war

Russians send the wounded straight back to the front

If you can walk, you can fight: this seems to be the new motto of the Russian military. Civil rights activists report that after treatment in the hospital, the wounded have to go straight back to the combat zone instead of recovering.


Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin is missing the soldiers. even sends wounded soldiers back to the front.


Jenny WagnerEditor News

Shrapnel in the limbs and punctured lungs – many soldiers at the front do not emerge from the battle without injuries. But it gets worse. As the independent news portal Agentsvo writes, wounded Russians are sent back to the front before the doctors give their approval.

Normally, the system in Russia works like this: when wounded soldiers are discharged from the hospital after treatment, a medical commission checks whether they are fit for work or service again.

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