Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Russians threatened new wave of mobilization

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Putin needs more soldiers to stabilize the situation in the annexed areas.

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Robin BaniRingier journalism student

In Russian military doctrine, the soldier is seen primarily not as a person, but as a resource – supplies for the meat grinder of merciless warfare. If Vladimir Putin really wants to launch the expected major offensive in the coming weeks, stabilize the situation in the annexed Donbass and insist on overthrowing Volodymyr Zelensky’s government, he would need significantly more troops. Rumors are therefore circulating in Russia about an imminent second wave of mobilization. There is even talk of general mobilization.

Pictures from the eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut show how harshly the war is being waged: shredded trees tower into the sky, lifeless bodies lie around. Forests have become a crater landscape, residential areas a dead zone. For weeks, Russian soldiers have been storming and dying in attacks on Ukrainian positions. According to Russia, with the strong participation of mercenaries, the nearby town of Soledar is said to have been conquered. Ukraine denied.

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