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Shots in London – girl (7) in mortal danger

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Attack from a moving car

Shots in London – girl (7) in mortal danger

Shots were fired in London on Saturday afternoon. Mourners gathering for a funeral were injured. A girl’s life is in danger.


Investigators are looking for the shooter. He’s still roaming free.

A seven-year-old girl is in mortal danger after a shot was fired near a church in London, police said. The police also corrected the number of injured from four to six people. In addition to the seven-year-old, another girl aged 12 was slightly injured and four women aged 21 to 54. None of the women have life-threatening injuries, but in one case they are potentially life-changing, a police spokesman said on Sunday.

The incident reportedly happened early Saturday afternoon near a church near Euston train station where mourners had gathered after a funeral. According to initial findings, the shots were fired from a moving car with a shotgun. The vehicle then drove away, the spokesman continued. There were initially no arrests. Police called on potential witnesses to come forward. Initially, the investigators had assumed four injuries and had given no information on the condition of the seven-year-old.

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