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Siblings (†13, †22) break through ice in the reservoir

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Death drama in Germany

Siblings (†13, †22) break through ice in the reservoir

The natural idyll of the reservoir in Westhausen (D) was overshadowed by a tragic accident on Saturday. Two siblings († 13, 22) are recovered dead from the lake. The two probably fell through the ice.

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The young woman († 22) and her brother († 13) die in the lake.

A death drama shook the idyllic Westhausen (D) on Saturday: A pair of siblings († 13, 22) were found dead in the frozen Westhausen reservoir in the state of Thuringia. This is reported by the “image”.

As a police spokeswoman reports, the ice on the lake was not very thick. And: A break-in point was visible.

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