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Six-year-old shot his teacher with mom’s pistol

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Police say it was “not an accident”

Primary school student (6) shoots his mother’s pistol at the teacher

A student shot his teacher in the United States. As it turns out, the six-year-old got his mother’s pistol. He took aim and fired. The background is still unclear.


On Friday afternoon, primary school teacher Abigail Z. was shot by one of her students.

A shot was fired in the middle of class: Abigail Z.* (25), a teacher at an elementary school in the city of Newport News, Virginia, was shot on Friday. A primary school student (6) pointed the gun at her and pulled the trigger. The bullet hit the 25-year-old in the chest and injured her life-threateningly.

It was initially said that the shot was fired during an argument. But the police have now made it clear that the boy intentionally shot the 25-year-old. “There was no physical fight or other scuffle,” Police Chief Steve Drew said during a news conference on Monday. It was “not an accident,” he emphasized.

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