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Snowboarder crashes into several people – and escapes!

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Bad accident in Austria

Snowboarder (18) hits several people – and escapes!

The handle slips out of the hand of a snowboarder. As the teenager slides down the slope, he injures several people. Then he takes flight.


The snowboarder from Hungary loses his stirrup. Then it goes steeply downhill.

Violent ski lift crash in Austria! After a young snowboarder’s bar slipped out of his hand and he dragged several people with him, he fled – and triggered a police operation. Because of him, four people ended up in the hospital on Wednesday. Here’s what happened:

The Hungarian was taking the ski lift up to the Rosenkranzhöhe (2118 meters above sea level). After a while, the winter athlete had trouble with his balance, as a video on social media shows. A few times he can hold on to the bracket with difficulty. But just before another crest it happens: it slips out of his hand. The teenager falls to the ground – and the wild ride begins!

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