Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Spain releases a number of rapists

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Reform backfires

Spain releases a number of rapists due to loopholes in the law

A law against sexual violence is currently causing chaos in Spain. Because of a gap in the text, numerous convicted rapists are currently being released.

Published: 2 minutes ago

A loophole in the law frees dozens of rapists.

The Spanish government has announced the revision of a landmark law against sexual violence after numerous convicted perpetrators received reduced sentences because of a loophole in the law. In the next few days, a “meticulous text” will be presented that will offer “a solution to these unwanted effects,” said Minister of Education Pilar Alegría in Madrid.

The minister, who is also party spokeswoman for the ruling Socialists, called it the “logically best way” to revise the law to “increase the penalties for sex offenders.”

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