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Stronger fight against hunger in the world

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Foodstuffs appeal by the Minister of Agriculture

Stronger fight against hunger in the world

In the aggravated situation caused by the Ukraine war, an international conference of agriculture ministers underlined the goal of a stronger fight against hunger in the world. Practical solutions and more support are needed, especially for smallholders.

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Small farmers picking corn in the Cerrado in Brazil. (archive image)

This was said by German Minister Cem Özdemir on Saturday as the host of the conference in Berlin with government representatives from 64 countries. For the globally agreed goal of ending hunger by 2030, there are only eight harvests left. The final declaration also emphasizes a sustainable production method.

Özdemir emphasized that agriculture can only successfully contribute to food security if it also preserves the planet. Countries in the Global South also have a right to healthy ecosystems. In concrete terms, knowledge transfer is crucial for farmers in Africa, and high food losses must also be reduced.

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