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Student driver comes drunk to the car test

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Now she is not allowed to drive for five years

Student driver comes to the car test drunk in Latvia

In Latvia, a learner driver appeared heavily intoxicated for her car test. Instead of a driver’s license, she was given a five-year driving ban and 120 hours of community service for the campaign.

In Latvia, a learner driver wanted to take her driving test while drunk. Since she was caught, she can take her driver’s license off for now.

120 hours of community service and five years driving ban instead of a driver’s license: because she appeared heavily intoxicated for the driving test, a learner driver in Latvia had to do without the coveted driver’s license for a long time.

The woman appeared drunk for the car check, as the Latvian Attorney General announced on Monday in Riga. The incident happened in the second largest city of Daugavpils in the east of the Baltic EU country.

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