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Stun shot hits woman instead of monkey

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Breakdown at Japanese train station

Stun shot hits woman instead of monkey

A stun gun that a Japanese was supposed to use to stalk a monkey accidentally hit a human. The woman was taken to the hospital.

Monkeys in a natural park in the village of Yamanouchi (archive).

As the Japanese television station “Nippon TV” reports, a woman had informed the city administration of Fuji in Tokyo’s neighboring province of Shizuoka that a monkey was hanging around at Fujikawa station. A contractor then set out on behalf of the city to capture the animal with a tranquilizer shot.

However, when the man wanted to prepare his gun, he accidentally touched the trigger and hit the woman’s arm with the arrow. She was briefly unconscious and taken to the hospital, but said she recovered. The anesthetic was dosed to incapacitate a 15-kilogram monkey. The city is now examining how such a breakdown can be prevented from now on.

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