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Swiss are no longer allowed to adopt Russian children

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Russian orphans should no longer be able to be adopted by foreign families.


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On January 24, the Russian government is due to enact a new law. Foreign citizens from “unfriendly countries” should no longer be able to adopt Russian children. Previously, this only applied to the USA. According to the Russian daily “Isvestia”, the law will most likely be passed unanimously. The deputies are not only concerned that children will grow up with anti-Russian propaganda. For example, they fear that homosexual couples could adopt Russian children.

In the justification it says that it is a “blow for the future of the nation” if Russian children are to grow up in enemy countries. Since the beginning of the war, Russia has accused Western countries of Russophobia, i.e. anti-Russian hostility. “How can we give away our children under such conditions? We will not be able to ensure the protection of their rights if such a need arises,” said Boris Chernizhov, 31, deputy speaker of the State Duma.

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