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Switzerland gives Germany deportation tutoring

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After a knife attack in a regional train with two dead teenagers († 16 and † 19)

Switzerland gives Germany deportation tutoring

In Germany, asylum seekers with violent crimes regularly make the headlines. Deportations are mostly unsuccessful – unlike in Switzerland, where the repatriation rate is above average at 54 percent. The two countries are now joining forces.

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Switzerland – here at Zurich Airport – takes more rigorous action than other countries when it comes to deportations.


Guido Fieldsforeign editor

After the knife attack by a Palestinian (33) in a regional train, the discussion about the repatriation of criminal asylum seekers flared up in Germany. The perpetrator, who had several previous convictions and had just been released from prison, killed a 19-year-old and a teenager (16) on Wednesday and injured seven other passengers.

It’s not the only recent crime by an asylum seeker. On December 5, 2022, an Eritrean (27) killed a 14-year-old with a knife on the way to school in the Baden-Württemberg community of Illerkirchberg and injured a 13-year-old girl.

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