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Taliban are reportedly demanding Andrew Tate’s release

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Alleged rapist is in custody

Taliban apparently worried about macho influencer Andrew Tate

The Taliban are said to be concerned about influencer Andrew Tate, claims Sameera Khan. The former beauty queen is a staunch supporter of Tate. According to her, the Islamist terrorist group is demanding the release of the alleged rapist.


Macho influencer Andrew Tate (36) is in custody in Romania. He, his brother and two other suspects are accused of human trafficking and rape.

The Taliban are worried. But they don’t tremble for one of their own, but for the macho influencer Andrew Tate (36). That’s what former beauty queen Sameera Khan (31), a fervent supporter of the influencer, claims.

The alleged rapist was arrested in Romania for human trafficking. Khan announced on Saturday that he wanted to exchange views with Taliban representatives on Tate’s arrest in a Twitter space. The Taliban “say the West needs Andrew Tate because the people are oppressed by feminists,” the self-proclaimed “anti-Woke journalist” tweeted.

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