Monday, February 6, 2023

Tank deliveries become a logistical nightmare

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Germany supplies Leopard 2 tanks.


Chiara SchlenzEditor News

Challenger-2 from Great Britain, Leopard-2 from a number of European countries, Abrams M1 from the USA and Leclercs from France: the tanks are coming – and with them a logistical nightmare for the Ukrainian military. Because the many different systems are rarely compatible with each other, the soldiers have to be trained and the tanks have to be delivered in the first place.

Which tanks are delivered now?

With Germany’s announcement that it would deliver a company (14 units) of “Leopard 2A6” tanks, the federal government unleashed a wave of further “Leo” deliveries. Of the 14 European countries that have Leopard tanks in their arsenal themselves, Poland, Finland, the Netherlands and Spain have also declared their readiness to supply main battle tanks.

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