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Tesla crashes into trailer without braking – driver dead

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Autopilot error again?

Tesla crashes into a trailer without braking – the driver is dead

A Tesla crashed into a semi-trailer trailer in the United States with full force. The driver had no chance and died in the process. It’s not the first accident of this kind. Was the autopilot system to blame?

Published: 11 minutes ago


After a crash in the US state of California, a gray Tesla was trapped under a trailer truck. The driver died instantly.

There is hardly anything left of the Tesla. The front is totally destroyed, buried under a semi-trailer. The aftermath of a horrific accident in the city of Victorville, California, on Tuesday evening. The Tesla driver did not survive the crash. The exact background to the accident is still unclear.

The Tesla may have crashed into the trailer without braking. According to the local “Victor Valley News”, a witness said that she heard the impact but not the brakes. Why wasn’t the handlebar responding? Possibly because the autopilot was on. And it didn’t fail at Tesla for the first time.

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