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Tesla falls 76 meters – family survives

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Horror fall over rocky cliff

Tesla falls 76 meters – family survives

A Tesla went off the road in the US and fell down a cliff. Over 76 meters in depth. Inside: a family of four. Miraculously, parents and children survived. But the rescue was difficult.


Image of horror: A white Tesla is completely smashed on a cliff.

Things are not going well for the American entrepreneur Elon Musk (51). In addition to the ongoing stress with his social media platform Twitter, shares in his electric car company Tesla are also falling. But now he has reason to be happy, at least somewhat.

Because the whole world is amazed at one of his constructions – the Tesla Y. As reported by NBC News, such a model fell over a cliff in California on Monday, more than 76 meters deep. And all survived. In the car was a family, a girl (4) and a boy (9) as well as the father (42) and the mother (42).

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