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That means the new law in Indonesia for tourists

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Prohibition of extramarital sex

That means the new law in Indonesia for tourists

Sex outside of marriage is forbidden in Indonesia. The country is home to popular holiday destinations such as the island of Bali. Soon only married tourists will be able to stay there together in the hotel?


Tourists in a hotel complex in Bali.


George NopperEditor News

The parliament in the island nation of Indonesia passed a new law on Tuesday. Anyone who has sex before marriage or cheats outside of marriage can be sentenced to up to a year in prison. But the law doesn’t just ban sex among unmarried people. It also prohibits couples from living together before marriage.

Indonesia is the country with the largest share of the Muslim world population. At the same time, there are some popular tourist destinations such as Bali, Java or Sumatra in the island kingdom. The Swiss travel providers have therefore already given some thought to the possible consequences for tourism. “It will be our job to educate customers about this,” says Hotelplan spokeswoman Bianca Gähweiler to Blick.

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