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That’s how brutal the tactics of the Wagner soldiers are

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Bloodbath in Battles for Soledar

That’s how brutal the tactics of the Wagner soldiers are

The Wagner mercenary group played a crucial role in the capture of the city of Soledar by Russian troops. Wagner boss Prigozhin uses a brutal tactic.


Wagner boss Prigozhin and Vladimir Putin.

The fighting in eastern Ukraine has reached a new dimension in recent months. The Wagner group of mercenaries played a decisive role in this. She conquered the city of Soledar. By capturing the small town just ten kilometers north of Bakhmut, the remaining Ukrainian soldiers in the devastated town are at risk of being surrounded. Supplying the troops is becoming increasingly difficult.

The Wagner group’s tactics are brutal and effective. For weeks they sent wave after wave of former prisoners to the front, as the “Spiegel” reports. The bloody procedure is always the same: a first unit advances to uncover Ukrainian positions. The ex-prisoners also use Ukrainian uniforms as camouflage.

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