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The brutal firecracker record of Germany

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Berlin’s New Year’s Eve mob was not an isolated case

The brutal firecracker record of Germany

Violent riots broke out in many German cities on New Year’s Eve. Above all, the attacks on law enforcement officers and rescue workers shocked citizens and politicians.


On New Year’s Eve, civil war-like scenes take place in the German capital. But not only in Berlin (picture) does it burn at the turn of the year. Hamburg, Hanover, Leipzig, Munich and some cities in North Rhine-Westphalia also report riots.


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Burning cars and dumpsters. Shots fired at ambulances and rescue workers. Firecracker attacks also against police officers and firefighters. The civil war-like scenes were not only in Berlin on New Year’s Eve. Only days after the turn of the year did the full extent of the riots become visible. Brutal incidents are reported everywhere in Germany. The violent nature of the mostly young rioters, including many with a migration background, was also evident in Hamburg, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria and Saxony.

In the Hausbruch district of Hamburg, around 20 people attacked three buses on New Year’s Eve. They shoot pyrotechnics at the passengers and blind them with laser pointers. A perpetrator threatened the bus driver with a pistol. slices burst. A bus driver suffers eye injuries. In two other parts of the city, the fire brigade, emergency doctor and paramedics are fired at with firecrackers. A firefighter is hospitalized with burns. Orgies of violence also in Hanover. There is a knife fight in front of a nightclub. When the police intervene, the officers are attacked. There are several injured.

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