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The climate stickers caused so many tons of CO2

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Berlin airport blocked

The climate stickers caused so many tons of CO2

Activists threw up chaos at Berlin Brandenburg Airport on Thursday. Absurd: With their protest, they wanted to campaign for a reduction in CO₂ emissions – and did the opposite.


Activists from the “Last Generation” group stuck themselves on the runway at Berlin Brandenburg Airport on Thursday.


Glue yourself to streets and block traffic, throw canned soup at artworks. These are the recipes with which some activists want to save the world. On Thursday, the “Last Generation” group gained access to the grounds of Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER). Activists attached themselves to the runway with superglue. The result: air traffic was paralyzed for two hours.

The “last generation” demonstrated against the aviation industry and its climate-damaging CO2-output. What the activists actually did was increase emissions: According to the airport, several planned landings had to be diverted to other airports, generating additional CO2 was released.

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