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The Russian elite does not have to do without fine wines

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Despite sanctions

The Russian elite does not have to do without Bordeaux and Burgundy

Fine wines had to disappear from the menu in Russia. But that doesn’t stop the Russian elite from diligently buying Bordeaux & Co. despite the sanctions – no matter what the cost.

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Putin’s daughter Katharina Tikhonova is said to have a weakness for European luxury wine.


Jenny WagnerEditor News

Because of vodka! The Russian elite loves grand crus like Bordeaux and Burgundy. But noble wines are no longer delivered to Russia. In order to bring the elite and rich oligarchs to their knees, an import ban was imposed on bottles costing more than 300 euros. But that doesn’t stop President Vladimir Putin from importing wine for his daughters or friends and skilfully circumventing the sanctions.

Smuggling is a very expensive undertaking. Up to 10,000 dollars are paid per bottle. As “The Insider” reports, a friend of Putin’s youngest daughter Katarina Tikhonova smuggled the bottles into the country. In the most expensive gourmet restaurants in Moscow you can still find the finest wines in the world, which have completely disappeared from the store shelves in Russia.

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