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“There is only one way to win the war”

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Putin’s ex-diplomat unpacks

“There is only one way to win the war”

He worked for the Kremlin for 20 years. Now he lives in a top-secret place in Switzerland: the ex-diplomat Boris Bondarev tells how the West can ensure peace in the long term.


Boris Bondarev (right) worked for the Russian Foreign Ministry for 20 years. After the war began, he turned his back on his country.

After 20 years at the Russian Foreign Ministry, Boris Bondarev (43) turned his back on the Kremlin. The reason: Putin’s war of aggression. “Never have I been so ashamed of my country,” wrote the former UN envoy in an angry letter in May 2022. The Kremlin’s powerful would only wage the war “to live forever in pompous, tasteless palaces and sail on yachts to be able to». Since his departure, Bondarev has lived in a top-secret location in Switzerland and is under police protection.

Now the ex-diplomat is commenting on the war – and saying what the only way is to bring Russian President Vladimir Putin (70) to his knees. “The only way for the West to win the war is to decide what it wants to see as a result of the war,” he said in an interview with the BBC.

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