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These family clans rule over North Korea

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These family clans rule over North Korea

When you hear North Korea, you immediately think of Kim Jong Un. But he’s not the only one who rules the country with an iron hand: his family is in key positions. The Choes, next to the Kims the most important family clan, are also becoming more and more present.


Ruler Kim Jong Un (38) is part of the Kim dynasty. This has now ruled North Korea for three generations.

History actually teaches us that dictators are loners. They do not tend to settle their succession, let alone retain power in the family. Not even the iron ruler of the Soviet Union, Josef Stalin (1878–1953), succeeded in forging a successor.

The North Korean ruling dynasty is different: the Kims have maintained their absolute power for three generations. State founder Kim Il Sung (1912-1994) passed power to his son Kim Jong Il (1942-2011) in 1994, who finally transferred it to the current ruler Kim Jong Un (38) in 2011. Now the Kims are expanding their dynasty to include another family clan.

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