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This Brit earns 1.7 million francs a day!

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“It doesn’t make you happy”

This Brit earns 1.7 million francs a day!

A British manager has already earned 657 million francs this year. All that money doesn’t make him happy, but that’s another thing.


Christopher Hohn paid out CHF 657 million this year thanks to generous profits from his Children’s Investment fund.

It sounds unimaginable: British hedge fund manager Christopher Hohn (54) has already earned £1.5 million a day, i.e. CHF 1.7 million, this year. A total of 657 million Swiss francs ended up in his account. This is probably the highest annual payment ever transferred in Great Britain, as reported by the Guardian.

The sum that Hohn had paid out from his Children’s Investment fund was 15,000 times the average British salary and 3,500 times the salary of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak (42). Hohn does not keep the many millions to himself. He is said to have invested the mega profit back into his funds.

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