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This is how Blick journalist Olha Petriv (36) experienced the war

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Anger, sadness, desperation – suddenly the emotions break out of Olha Petriv (36). She has tears in her eyes. For an hour she tells her story on the balcony of her apartment in Adliswil ZH, about her long journey here to safe Switzerland. Olha Petriv fled Ukraine. Before the war, before the bombs. In front of Putin’s troops.

Petriv grew up in Kalush. The city with 60,000 inhabitants is located in western Ukraine. At the age of 17, Petriv moved to the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. Her goal is clear: she wants to be a TV reporter. The young woman studies, then makes it to TV Channel 5, one of the largest television stations in the country. She has no idea that Petriv will report on Ukraine’s most moving years, first as a full-time employee and later as a freelance journalist.

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