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This is the bulging criminal file of the train killer Ibrahim A.

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Ibrahim A. (33, left) ran amok on a train in Germany: Here he is led by an official.

Assault, credit card fraud, sexual assault: The list of crimes that the knife attacker from Brokstedt (D) is accused of is long. One word in particular is found again and again in the criminal file: physical harm. Before he killed two passengers on the train with a knife and seriously injured seven people, Ibrahim A.* (33) repeatedly got into trouble with the law. An overview.

Ibrahim A. (33) arrives in Germany on Christmas Eve 2014, and the man’s criminal file begins just a year later, as “Welt” reports: the police are investigating in Euskirchen in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, then the home of the stateless Palestinian shoplifting against the 33-year-old. According to “Spiegel”, he is said to have stolen a perfume worth 30 euros. In Bonn, the officials are also investigating. It’s about card fraud.

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